Training Platform


End-to-end training course authoring functionalities.
Standard course material upload, reference URL links, wikis, PowerPoint slides, PDF files, training documents, videos, different exam types, content library, scoring configurations, customized tenant dashboards and reports. Manage User Account Registration/Enrollment, Role Management, and Training Groups


Access and Login on the custom LMS using your corporate accounts
· Microsoft Office 365
· Microsoft SharePoint
· Google Apps Mail


Our platform automatically converts course materials into HTML5 canvas for smooth, light and quick rendering of course media through the latest web browsers, such as:
· PowerPoint slides
· PDF files
· MS Word and MS Excel documents
· SWF Files

Cloud Lab Profile Customization

Create and customize VE Profiles from scratch. Virtual Machines, Online IDE and Web Platforms.
Create VE Profiles in 4 Easy Steps before integrating into any forms of tech training or assessment content.
· Pick Virtual Environment Type
· Select or Customize Virtual Environment Template
· Select or Customize Lab Activities
· Save & Publish Virtual Environment Profile

Cloud Labs Automatic Provisioning Through Web Browser

Automated cloud back-end to seamlessly provide virtual environments.
Provide number of end-user connections and our platform automatically provisions virtual machines, readily accessible through your latest web browsers.

Cloud Labs Heartbeat

Designed and built sophisticated heartbeat feature for cloud labs monitoring, customized consumption billings and Cloud Labs Service Usage Dashboards. Our Lab VM Templates are not ordinary AMIs or VM images out there. It has a heartbeat technology which ensures hands-on labs monitoring for customer lab resource consumption savings and proper reporting displayed at the Cloud Labs Usage Dashboard.

Cloud Labs Session Recording & Playback Checks

Record your candidate and trainees' hands-on lab and assessment sessions then play it back to review and validate tasks an end user performed. The Recording-Playback feature was built as a basic form of validation for technical-driven training lab activities, exercises during training and assessments.

Cloud Lab Remote Assist

Remotely assist your Hands-On Lab students and corporate trainees, anytime, anywhere by using our Lab Remote Assist feature, perfect for virtual classroom learning setups.

Lab Course Group Chats

Discuss, collaborate and share ideas with colleagues and hands-on lab classmates, including the Instructors anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Labs Web API

We have a built-in API to integrate with other systems and tools.
Easily connect and integrate our Cloud Labs technology's capabilities into any 3rd party LMS and Training platforms in the market, like Moodle or Blackboard Learn.