Assessment Platform

Assessment Dashboard

View Pass / Fail Rates and Volume of candidate applications during a recruitment cycle, schedules including list of assessment skill tests and candidates.

Hands-On Lab Smart Checkpoints and Skill Tests

Verify each end-user’s hands-on lab progress and completed actionable lab tasks for each lab smart checkpoint.
Select from our library of Pre-defined Lab Smart Checkpoints and drag and drop into a specific Skill Test.
Our platform will automatically check each Lab Scenario Task accomplished by each student or applicant.

Candidate User Management and Scheduling

Create and Manage candidate user accounts, corresponding Job Profiles.
Assign and Schedule your Candidates to specific skill tests.

Candidate Record and Competency Analytics

View insights and results from the Candidate Record list. Select each candidate or student with score results, pass/fail marks, specific lab tasks accomplished, and most importantly a competency graph for each Lab Smart Checkpoint associated in a Skill Test per candidate or student.

Standard Exams

Create standard exams or quizzes through multiple choice as well as TRUE/FALSE types of questionnaires and assign job candidates, employees or students to take them. Built-in with levels and competency tagging, it takes your standard assessments to the next level for testing theoretical concepts, comprehensions, grammar proficiencies, corporate surveys, logic and abstract knowledge for both Tech or Non-Tech use cases.