Enterprise Grade IT Labs-as-a-Service

CloudSwyft offers a platform that enables companies create and manage IT training, assessment, and development environments without the need to purchase and manually setup hardware and software tools.

The cloud-based platform has been designed to provide
on-demand virtual environments to deliver hands-on workspace for recruitment assessments, on-going training, quality testing and development tasks.


Cloud Labs Workspace

Manage and Deploy Cloud Lab Environments

Automate, integrate, manage and centrally deploy various types of cloud-based lab environments such as virtual machines, online IDEs and web platforms on the fly for IT Trainings.

Connect to several 3rd-party LMS and training platforms.

Custom Cloud LMS Platform

Create and Deliver Content

Create course content and assessments on-demand. Empower
your corporate workforce, customers and partners with cloud-based training materials, processes, on-boarding, product lessons and learning modules.

Seamlessly integrate with CloudSwyft’s Cloud Labs Workspace tailored for each training and assessment use cases.


Cloud Labs Workspace

Automated cloud
back-end to
seamlessly provide virtual

Cloud Labs Workspace
and Dashboard

Designed and built sophisticated heartbeat feature for VE
monitoring, customized consumption billings

Cloud Labs Workspace
Smart Checkpoints for IT Assessment (COMING SOON)

Verify each end-user’s hands-on lab progress and completed actions.

Cloud Labs Workspace

Easily connect and integrate VE Manager's capabilities into any 3rd party training, assessment and recruitment platforms in the market.

Custom LMS
Authoring and Dashboards

End-to-end course
authoring functionalities like links, wikis, PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and more!

Custom LMS Platform
Single Sign-On and Integrations

Access and Login on the custom LMS using your corporate accounts:
MS O365, SharePoint, Google Apps

Custom LMS Platform
HTML5 File

Automatic HTML5 File
Conversions for
Training Materials

Cloud Labs Workspace
Profile Creation and Customization

Create and customize VE Profiles from scratch. Virtual Machines, Web IDE and
Web Platforms.


Premium Support Services

Ultimate, value-added support for customers

Premium Assistance designed for your training or assessment roadmap and content structure planning needs to achieve your company's competency development goals as we make it more effective, powerful and tailor-fit to your needs.

Professional Services & Integration

Implementation and Complex System Integration Services

Integrate our platform with your 3rd party training and assessment tools. Build customized application templates to match your specific tech training and assessment needs.

Custom Cloud Labs Service Integration with External Systems.

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